A new law regarding cell phones in San Francisco

Although the long-term health effects of mobile phone use and whether they cause cancer, is still debatable and unproven, San Francisco authorities have decided to address this issue. They approved a law to protect consumers. According to the law, mobile phone manufacturers will be required to inform customers about how much energy the tissue of the body absorbs when you use your phone model.

This ratio is called SAR. It stands for “Specific Absorption Rate”. At the moment, due to the lack of conclusive research results, it is not known exactly how to interpret it, but those who are careful, can take into account this parameter in choosing a particular phone model.

The idea of ​authorities in San Francisco raised the objection of mobile phone manufacturers. They fear that the SAR parameter will have almost zero value, and on the other hand the very fact of its existence and presence in the product description will suggest that the phone is a device that’s posing a threat to health. This situation is unacceptable, according to them, because the negative impact on health of mobile phones has not been unequivocally proven until now.