Mobile Phones harm children

The topic on the negative impact of mobile phones on our health has been present in the media for a long time. A lot has been written and discussed, but unfortunately there are currently no conclusive findings. The point is that only after some time you can determine what specific impact on our body has a long-term mobile phone use.

mobile phones children

So much for adults. It is different in case of children, who were already born in the era of mobile phones. They from the beginning of the existence were exposed to electromagnetic fields. Already it can be determined by examining them,whether there are any changes in their organism under the influence of this factor.

Studies on the topic was conducted on children by Danish researchers. They showed that children born from mothers who used a lot of cell phones during pregnancy exhibit changes in behavior. Noticeable are the personality disorders and mood swings. The risk of these changes and their intensity increased, if the child uses the cell in the early years of life.

Changes in the behavior of children exposed to the impact of mobile phones should not be underestimated as they can in a considerable extent, hinder their lives. The consequences may be: recurrent anxiety, trouble sleeping and seizures, aggression and even outbursts of uncontrolled anger. This disturbing information is the result of yet unfinished research work. Perhaps the Danes reach the more disturbing conclusions. Therefore, it is better to ensure that our child do not have too much to do with mobile phone.