How cell phones affect our body

Scientists are watching closely how cell phones affect our body. Among the most popular hypotheses is carcinogenic effects of these devices. However, recent studies of the research team from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Maryland indicate that perhaps the electromagnetic field generated by the cells has a slightly different effect on the brain – it causes agitation.

cell phones affect our body

This does not mean right away that this is something positive and we should talk as long as it is possible on the phone. Agitation can cause sleep and concentration disturbances . It is true that these changes are not large, but if you really talk a lot, then you can start to feel it. The study involving the monitoring of glucose levels showed that after at least 50 minutes of conversation on a mobile phone, brain begins to work at higher speeds, however the change affects the area closest to the device, this is a part adjacent to the ear.

The experiment was carried out at 47 people. In all participants, the proximity of the camera antenna increased brain activity by an average of 7 percent. So far, these results tell us little. Unfortunately, about long-term effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body we will be able to talk in a few years (perhaps 10-20), when there are potential effects of intensive use of cells.

Since it was found that the cells somehow affect the brain, but it is unclear what exactly this effect is, it appears reasonable to maintain a certain degree of caution. Especially, pregnant woman should be aware. Similarly, parents should restrict their children's access to cell phones. The young organism is known to be more vulnerable to all kinds of changes.