Mobile phones make learning harder

Worldwide, many scientists are working on finding the answer to the question of how cell phones affect the body. There are enough strong evidence to conclude that the use of a cell can cause brain cancer. But that’ not all. Recently, a research team from the German Ruhr-University, conducted a series of experiments on rats. The results gave a new reason to worry.

Effect on the body is generated by mobile phone electromagnetic waves. But for now, except that they have an impact, there is not much to be said for sure. There are conflicting opinions as to the strength of this interaction. German researchers did not focus on the cancer consequences of waves, but on the destructive impact on brain.

Rats that were subjected to strong electromagnetic radiation showed cognitive decline. This was due to two factors:

  • strong electromagnetic radiation interferes with brain cells
  • electromagnetic field causes excessive secretion of stress hormones, which in turn is responsible for slowing down the processes of learning and reasoning

Results are so interesting because the rat nervous system is very similar to the human’s. Fortunately, scientists have given us a small consolation - a normal mobile phone user has nothing to worry about. Those are vulnerable, who use them constantly, because then the brain is exposed to electromagnetic fields for a long time.