Do mobile phones cause cancer

A lot is said about the harmful effects of mobile phones on health. But usually these are just rumors, not having too much support in the facts. Scientists are working and investigating the problem thoroughly in order to provide us with answers to the question: are mobile phones harmful to health?

mobile phones cause cancer

The cause of the harmful effects of cells is generated by the electromagnetic field. The risk has greater importance, because mobile phones are used in developed countries by almost everyone, and in global scale we are talking about a group of five billion users exposed to unpleasant consequences!

After the end of the international conference in Lyon, France, where under the aegis of the International Center for Research on Cancer 31 scientists met, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it can not be unequivocally ruled out that there are negative effects of mobile phones on health. Previous studies and observations allow to formulate a strong enough hypothesis that electromagnetic fields can cause cancer cells and brain tumor of the auditory nerve. Thanks to the diagnosis of the problem, cell phones have been assigned by WHO to the 2B factor category, which means that they are "perhaps carcinogenic".

As a consolation to those who can not imagine life without a mobile phone, but are also afraid of the disease, it is worth adding that the results are differ among each other, and many scientists deny the existence of carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields.